Deer Repellent - Plant Pro Tec

Plant Pro-Tec Deer Repellents discourage deer from browsing trees, shrubs, flowers, and garden plants. Plant Pro-Tec Deer Repellents are:Effective: Deer Repelling formulation is based on long known data that the garlic odor repels deer, elk and rabbits.

Long Lasting: Emit deer repelling garlic odor for 6 to 8 months.

Easy to Use: Deer repelling garlic odor is released by breaking a barrier. Deer repellents are attached to a plant or fence with a clip. If the barrier is not broken the shelf life is one or more years.

NOTE: Deer repelling formulation consists of organic food-grade ingredients. The plastic body of Plant Pro-Tec deer repellents biodegrades.

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Russell Cleaning Service

With Russell Carpet Cleaning Services you get credible, reliable and professional carpet cleaning services in Redding, California from credible, reliable and professional individuals.Our trained technicians are equipped with the most modern carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning equipment to tend to all of your cleaning needs. Their experience and know-how ensure the highest carpet cleaning standards and professional results in Shasta County including Redding, Anderson, Shasta Lake City, and Palo Cedro.

We specialize in all types of carpet and upholstery cleaning for commercial and residential clients in the greater Redding CA area. We are a detailed and quality oriented carpet cleaning company providing outstanding services to each and every customer. Our goal is to build long lasting relationship with all of our customers.

We use only non-toxic cleaning agents in our carpet and upholstery cleaning process.

Give us a call at (530) 221-0692 or come by our office at 3060 Bechelli Ln, Redding, CA 96002.

Integrity Solar

The typical Northern California home pollutes more than an SUV! Photovoltaic solar panels are the perfect choice for reducing your carbon footprint. Grid-tied solar power systems use PV solar panels to generate electricity, which is then used by you or sold back to your utility company. There is no waste or batteries in our simple grid-tied solution, providing very high efficiency.Solar energy is the energy from the sun to which we are endowed with. It is the power which is free and inexhaustible. It is the cleanest of all energies, for it is produced by the sun. Solar energy is everywhere, it’s abundant and we’ll practically never run out. Even in mid-winter we are blessed with a moderate amount of natural daylight provided courtesy of the sun. Okay, it might not be sunny everyday but we experience at least partly sunny days 88% of the year, which is equal to about 320 days of the year, and it is this which can be gleaned for our own renewable energy purposes. Thus the need for finding a long lasting energy resource is over! Visit our website at to get more information .

Pro 1320 - Hot Rod Fabrication

Here at pro 1320 we are dedicated to customer satisfaction as well as producing nothing but the best in design and fabrication. We strive to be the best at what we do such as providing top quality craftsmanship and workmanship in anything from street rods, hot rods to full on race cars and extensive chassis fabrication. Not only do we provide top quality design and fabrication, we set our goals above industry standards to produce a professional product that not only our customers can be proud of, but our company can be also.It has been said that Pro 1320 builds some of the wildest rides in the area. Professionally serving Northern California since 2005, the guys at Pro1320 have over 20 years of drag racing and street rodding experience and have worked on Nostalgia dragsters and funny cars, promods, altereds, Pacific Street Cars (PCSA), world record landspeed cars, as well as numerous award winning show cars and street machines.

Our skilled services and fabrication design are not limited to just these though. We have many other services such as chassis updates and repairs, complete custom wiring, brake and fuel plumbing, suspension setup and tuning and much more. Check out our services and products at to see what we can get started for you today. Pro 1320 is your one stop shop for all your custom car needs.

What Does “Organic” Really Mean?

I was standing next to a woman in the supermarket aisle as she was reading the label of a cereal box. She looked up and asked out loud:

“I wonder if buying organic is really worth the price?”

We have all heard that we should read the labels of the groceries we buy, but it can be confusing. What’s the difference between100% organic or just organic?

Did you know that the word “organic” has 4 different meanings depending on the label?

To the woman’s surprise, (she who didn’t know I specialize in helping people with food allergies and digestion), I gave her a quick rundown.

  • 100% organic products contain ONLY certified organic ingredients.
  • “Organic” products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients.
  • “Made with organic products”: At least 70% of ingredients must be organic.
  • Products with less than 70% organic ingredients can list specific organic ingredients on the packaging.

So next time you ponder a label, hopefully that helps clarify what organic really means.

Thanks for reading! If this was helpful, feel free to pass it on.

Dr. Patrick

Patrick Giammarise, DC, is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified internal health specialist in practice since 2000. Dr. Patrick’s Chico office can be reached at (530) 899-8741. Visit his website for more information:

Haven Humane’s Pet of the Week

Taylor (131476) is a brindle and white female Pit Bull Terrier mix. She sits and downs on command, and is easy to receive the collar. She is rated for an athletic family with children 8 years and older. A proper introduction with ataylor-131476.JPGny other dogs in the household is required. Taylor is available for adoption at Haven Humane Society. All feline and canine adoptions at the shelter include spaying or neutering, vaccinations and a microchip. To see Taylor or any of our other companion animals available for adoption at the shelter, please visit us at 7449 Eastside Road, Redding, or call 241-1653. You can also check out our website at us

About Redding

Redding California is nestled at the end of the Sacramento Valley. This hidden California jewel offers immense recreation, living and business opportunities. Located within the city limits is the famous Sundial Bridge , Turtle Bay Museum and the newly renovated Cascade Theatre. Redding is bisected by the world class fly fishing Sacramento River and is close to hiking, camping and boating at Lassen National Park, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and the renowned Shasta Lake Redding is the regional center of Northern California for health and legal services, retail shopping and employment. Located at I-5 and highways 299 and 44, Redding is the hub for all of Shasta County and the gateway to the Trinity Alps and Cascade Recreation areas. Nearby Shasta Lake provides fishing, boating, camping and houseboat rental opportunities.

There are two major hospitals in Redding, Mercy Medical Center and Shasta Regional Medical Center. There are also 15 convalescent hospitals, 32 assisted living facilities and a veteran's outpatient clinic. Redding is also home to a large medical community of Physicians, Dentists and walk-in clinics.

Redding has great schools. There are three major high schools, six middle schools, 46 elementary schools, 4 charter schools, and 30 private schools in Redding. Redding also has five colleges and universities: National University, a four year, private university, Shasta College, a public community college, CSU Chico at Shasta College University Center, Simpson University, a four-year Christian college, Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, a four-year Christian college.

There are many great community events held in Redding each year, Kool April Nites, The Redding Rodeo and famous Asphalt Cowboy's Pancake Breakfast, The Rodeo Parade, The Trade Club's Lighted Christmas Parade and summer favorite Marketfest. The Exchange Club's Air Show is held bi-annually.

Plan your trip to the Redding area in advance with the help of our Redding Area Accommodations Directory. This comprehensive directory includes links and listings to local Bed and Breakfast Inns, motels and hotels. Looking for a great restaurant while you are in Redding? Visit our complete list of restaurants.

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