Ask Andy

Ask Andy is a new feature on our website. Andy Main is the owner of AccessNow/ and is a leading expert on the

Internet in Northern California. You can also hear Ask Andy on our radio commercials playing throughout the NorthState. We encourage questions from the public. To send in a question, email Questions should be internet specific.

Question 1. We need to make changes to our website and we can’t find the guy who did our site, we can hardly even find it in the Search Engines.
Bob, a business owner in Chico

Andy: We sure can Bob, we have been building and marketing websites in Northern California for over 10 years. More importantly we can help your customers find you on the Google and other Search Engines. Our new business directory is in over 20 Northern California City sites. Like When your in our directory you can.

Question 2. I am still on dialup and my emails and the websites I visit take forever to download and sometimes they don’t at all. What can I do?
Wanda from Redding

Andy: Here are a few things that come to mind Wanda. First obviously highspeed service will elimate most download issues, second your virus protection may also be slowing your down load speeds. Also, your computer might need a tuneup. For more information on how to obtain highspeed internet service or have your PC tuned up visit

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