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Designing gardens, building gardens, stocking gardens, tending gardens, and just digging your garden: there is a growing business to meet all of those gardening needs in the north valley from Chico to Redding.

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Kateley & Kristiansson, Inc. - Landscaper

OUR GOAL is to ensure the success of our customers by growing and protecting their valuable landscape investment through consistent quality landscape services, garden design and lawn care services.  We will develop a landscape management plan, including year-round maintenance, pest control, tre


Redding, California

Plant Pro Tec

Natural Deer Repellent can protect your fruit trees, vegetable garden, flowers and shrubs. Deers and rabbits are repelled by the sulphur compounds emitted from garlic. Repellents are attached to a plant or fence with a clip. Protect your gardens and landscape from elk, deer and rabbit with our safe


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