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With the right combination of energy-efficient appliances and alternative installations, you will be able to reduce the cost of your energy, while also providing energy that is economically friendly. One of the most popular growing forms of energy is solar energy for home and business applications. Other ‘green energy’ sources include wind energy and geo thermal. But even today, good old-fashioned firewood still gives a home that cozy, timeless feeling.

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Solar and Wind Energy In Redding Ca

WHY SOLAR?Solar energy is the most available form of energy on Earth. As gas prices continue to rise, more and more people, businesses and industry are searching ways to be more energy efficient. The GREEN ENERGY movement along with high oil prices has been the catalyst for start up businesses worki

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Essex Heating and Air Conditioning

Essex Heating and Air Conditioning started in 1997 and specializes in Heating, Air Conditioning, Solar, and Building Automation.
We strive to develop long term relationships with customers by providing the best service possible. Our outstanding warranties and dedication to customer satisfaction hav


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West Coast Sustainables

Call us today to schedule a site evaluation and let us help find the best renewable energy system for you and your budget. We design, build, and install turn key systems for your business or residence to meet your specific needs and save you money for years to come.Incentives are now available for s


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GTI Solar Power


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Solar and Wind Energy in Redding

Wind energy produces electricity without generating pollutants or greenhouse gases and requires no disturbance to the natural environment. It is located in areas that have a high average wind speed and the amount of energy potential from wind energy could produce 20% of Californias energy by the yea


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Integrity Solar and Wind Energy

Looking for Solar Power and Wind Energy Installers? Call Integrity Heating and Air Conditioning. Or visit our website at to learn how wind energy can be a part of your lifetime energy solution.
Wind energy is a converted type of solar energy.  A portion of that ene


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Top Hat Energy

Solar Energy wholesaler/retailer and installer of solar and wind electricity generating systems. Top Hat Energy is listed with the CEC as a dealer and installer, which is necessary for customers to receive the rebates that are available under the CSI program and for Top Hat Energy to retail the equi


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