Sierra Cascade Logging Conference In Woods School Demonstraton

The In-Woods Forest Harvest Demonstration for 5th Grade Elementary Classes, High School Agriculture Classes and College Natural Resources students will be expanded this year to two days, The Conference has been rescheduled to Tuesday  and Wednesday, May 14th and 15th between 9:30am and noon each day. This event, sponsored by the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference, will take place off Rock Creek Road in the Shingletown area along the edge of the 2012 Ponderosa Fire.

The students, teachers and media will be visiting 9 stations that will give them a first hand view of a complete forest harvest cycle.

Included will be demonstrations in:

Log landings: with demonstrations of processor, skidder and log loading operations.
Chipping: showing use of forest byproducts
Timber Falling: actual felling of large diameter trees.
Hotsaw: mechanical harvesting of small diameter trees.
Sawmill: operation of Shasta College’s portable sawmill
Wildlife: wildlife biologists presentation on forestland species.
Reforestation: proper tree planting techniques.
Research: instruments and procedures in areas of weather and water quality.
Fire: demonstration of equipment used in wildland firefighting.

Question and answer sessions will be included for participants from the schools and media.

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