Redding Soup is based from a TEDxRedding talk by Amy Kaherl. Amy runs a project called Detroit Soup an organization that host dinners to raise money for local projects that benefit her community of Detroit. At these dinners people pitch community based projects or ideas. The money raised goes directly to the organization that receive the most votes from the dinner. The dinner is usually around $5 and consists of soup, salad and bread.
Redding Soup is based off of this idea and the founder Justin Babb was interested in seeing an event like this in the Redding area. After doing some research from other organizations like Detroit Soup the first Redding Soup event was set. Partnering with the Shasta College Center for Community Engagement the event will be held at Shasta College’s Main Campus on March 8th, 6:00-8:00 PM with the cost of $8.
The event will consist of soup, salad and bread. Pitches will come from a variety of community organizations. Previous winners have included Marc Dadigan, Winnemem Wintu Potrait Project: and Linda McCrea, Womens Health Specialist The venue has limited seating so it is asked the participants reserve there tickets online at
We are very interested in seeing what kind of projects that will be at this event. The main goal is to have people return to future events with success stories of how Redding Soup helped there project. This event should raise approximately $400 to the chosen organization. Redding Soup is planned to be an ongoing event with quarterly community dinners. The future goal is to have the event hosted in a restaurant in the Redding area.
If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Justin Babb, please call at 530-921-0786 or email