Haven Humane’s Pet of the Week

Hopper (143195) is a solid black adult rabbit. This rascally rabbit was brought in because the family had an allergy issue with him.  Next he was adopted by a family that did not research enough on rabbits and found out the hard way that rabbits need to chew hopper-8-31-12-1.jpgon things to keep their teeth healthy.  He was then brought back. He is a wonderful rabbit that enjoys attention and doesn’t mind getting held.  He can be found on an employee’s lap at different times throughout the day. Hopper is available for adoption at Haven Humane Society. To see Hopper or any of our other companion animals available for adoption at the shelter, please visit us at 7449 Eastside Road, Anderson, CA or call 241-1653.  You can also check out our website at us www.havenhumane.net/