Crane Mats, Mining Timbers and Custom Milling in California, Nevada and Oregon


selllogo.jpgIn today’s complex world, you need a specialist who understands your requirements and demands. Sell Lumber Corporation is a nationwide specialty retail lumber supplier. Their main focus is on crane mats, mining timbers, and construction timbers.   Sell Lumber’s name is exactly what they do. They supply crane mats, hardwood crane mats mining timbers, and construction timbers to the Construction and Mining industries Oregon, California and Nevada.   Trusses?  Yep, they have trusses:  roof truss systems, floor truss systems and timber truss systems to meet all of your building and construction needs.
Sell Lumber originally started as a lumber transportation company in 1953, in Redding, California. In 1963,Sell Lumber moved to its present facility and started cutting and fabricating to meet the needs of the market. Now they innovate with technology and equipment to meet the needs of today’s market conditions.
Mining Timbers were the foundation of Sell Lumber’s early days. Over the past 60+ they have expanded and modernized the plant to do just about anything. “We have been providing mining timbers to the mining industry for over 60+ years. We have the ability to fabricate our products to conform to whatever you need. We are always looking for something new and most of all a great challenge. So whatever it is, throw it at us,” said Ryan Rath of Sell Lumber.
A key to their business success: “We excel in the successful integration of lumber products into a variety of applications. The foundations of our business are trust, honesty, ethics, respect, and superior customer service.”
As noted, Sell Lumber’s focus is on crane mats.  Hardwood crane mats are used for virtually every step in the construction project when pipelines are being built. Traditionally mats are used to stabilize heavy equipment (such as cranes, hence, “crane mats”).  In swampy areas, mats can prevent accidents when there is soil degradation and unstable terrain.  Perhaps the most important role for mats is when they are used as pipeline skids and to support individual joints and strings of welded pipe before the strings are lowered into trenches.
Wooden crane mats can help to control erosion at job sites, and provide a safer work environment for heavy equipment operators so their equipment doesn’t slip and slide in muddy environments.
Sell Lumber’s crane mats are available in Douglas Fir and Hardwood mats including oak and other hardwoods.  The company also sells used “graded” crane mats and can build you a custom crane mat for that special project. They have been providing constructions timbers for bridges and road work to contractors for over 25 years.  Chamfer, Cribbing and Blocking are some of the construction timbers Sell Lumber offers.  With a huge inventory of thousands of board feet they can custom mill timbers to your specifications.

Sell Lumber treats the ends of their mats which increases the life of them. “We also do a few other little things to increase the life of them but it’s our secret and we can’t tell you. Ask anyone who has used our mats and they will tell you they are the best mats they have ever used,” says Ryan. ” If we offered these in a restaurant they would be a daily special. We make the best mats in the world.”

Sell Lumber Corporation can be found at 7887 Eastside Road in Redding, California.