Septic Systems and Septic Tanks in Redding, CA

The number one Redding Septic Tank and Septic System installer is NorthState Excavating. Leachfield repair, new septic systems, old septic tank replacement and up-to-code sewer line installation are the specialties of NorthState Excavating.  Redding, Red Bluff, and Shasta Lake homeowners that have hired NorthState Excavating have all got great, professional service on important septic system work. The standard installation uses Infiltrator® systems’ plastic leachfield drainage chambers for a perfect environmental solution.

Northstate Excavating installs new Septic Tanks, excavates new foundations, grades land and installs leachfields for homeowners in Red Bluff, Cottonwood, Anderson, Redding, Palo Cedro, and Shasta Lake City. Get your septic tank and entire septic system modernized for worry-free use for your family for years to come. When you are too far from the city utilities, a modern septic tank sanitation system is the only way to go. Flush away your septic system worries. Call NorthState Excavating. 530-604-3638.

Septic System Facts:

Brace yourself, I’m going to talk dirty. “Onsite waste water management.” That’s the “proper” way of describing a septic tank and leach field septic system. A dirty subject, to be sure. But a major factor in the livability scale. When homeowners renovate or move to an older house,  they’ll sometimes forget to upgrade the old septic system to meet new needs. Septic systems must take into account modern fixtures, habits, and lifestyles.

For folks who are not tied in to a city’s sewer system, and there are quite a few Redding septic system owners, a septic tank is the standard alternative  It is an environmentally sound practice and is especially efficient with today’s septic technologies.

case-580-super-l-small.pngA septic system is basically a large filter for onsite waste water. Waste is treated, broken down, and then made to percolate through a leach field. Onsite wastewater treatment has come a long way, especially in the last quarter century.

The septic system should be part of the overall renovation budget from the start to avoid an emergency repair after most of the upgrading money has been spent. This is just the type of  homeowner and situation that NorthState Excavating prefers to help. They’ve come to the aid of new and renovating homeowners for over ten years.

More than just septic system experts, NorthState Excavating is a full service company serving all of Shasta and Tehama Counties. nsexcavating-3.pngNorthState Excavating is a licensed contractor in Sewer Line Repair and Installation. They install complete septic systems, septic tanks, and leach fields and they excel, of course, in excavation, grading, and earthmoving.

NorthState Excavating is available for both commercial and residential projects and often sub-contracts their services to larger contractors. They are happy to bid on any job, large or small. From Redding to Red Bluff, everywhere in Shasta and Tehama county is in NorthState Excavating’s backyard.