Non-Profit Makes Music Possible

pianoangel.jpgWe recently came across a unique non-profit group that brilliantly solves a problem faced by devoted piano students. Young people who show great talent and promise on the piano often find a roadblock when trying to acquire a real piano for home practice. Redding Piano Angels has a mission to assist piano students in the acquisition of a piano. Founder Frank Strazzarino, Jr. identified a problem students often have: a student will study their lessons at school or privately on a beautiful Steinway or Yamaha grand, yet return home to practice on a plastic keyboard with little in common with a real piano. These units simply do not allow a student to advance their skills. The need is for them to own an acoustic piano. Couple that obstacle with the sad fact that their are no longer any piano stores in Redding. Strazzarino’s vision is to create opportunities for students to enhance their skills and musicianship by helping them get their hands on quality used pianos.

From their brochure: “We are Redding area residents who believe students deserve to have a functional piano in order to advance their skills. We identify and acquire pianos that are suitable for student and family use, resulting in placement with qualifying individuals.Our love for piano music is the foundation for our commitment to its promotion.” Read their complete brochure here.

Redding Piano Angels offers assistance with piano purchases, a sheet music library, lending programs, piano lesson scholarships, and even grants for tuning, light repairs, and inspection fees. This direct approach of tackling a perceived problem is the best way to real results. Without waiting for someone else to come to the rescue, without relying on some huge state program for a little bit of aid, concerned local people who just jump in and start doing is what can make real progress. Redding Piano Angels are in the process of giving future musicians a real chance to make that progress happen.