Document Scanning and Storage Services - Redding Goes Paperless!

Scanning Service in Redding Ca

Up to your eyeballs with papers and files and more papers? Time to purge? A new north state service, e-FileKeeper, offers document storage and scanning services in Redding. They have the solution to out-of-control paperwork. E-FileKeeper is an electronic document management system. What do they do? They help your office go paperless, for one. By boxing up your files and stacks of paper, they take them away, scan them, making them digital documents. Then they organize them for easy retrieval and make them available to you on flash drive, CD, DVD, or on their E-File server, which you can access 24/7 from any computer.

Reduce storage space, improve workflow and staff efficiency, easily find an archived document. E-FileKeeper is the onlyaccordion-files.jpg northern Californa scanning and document management company serving Redding, Chico, Red Bluff, and Cottonwood.

Get the mess off your desk! E-FileKeepers can scan just about any paper size, including small receipts and photos. If you need your originals, they will be returned. If they aren’t needed, the company can arrange to shred them for you.  How will you be able to find the paper you’re looking for once it’s “digital?” E-FileKeeper can setup a replica of a real file cabinet and can organize your old docs just the way you are used to finding them. Not only that, but your documents are fully text searchable! You can search for a file by the words within it, not just by a title.

It’s about time the old promise of the paperless office was realized. E-FileKeeper has merged technology and common sense with a great business model. Look them up at and explore all they have to offer you — before you’re completely buried in paper!

This innovative service is a creation of Bookkeeper’s Keeper owner Mimi Robinson,  a QuickBooks, bookkeeping and payroll specialist.