Whiskeytown Announces the Temporary Closure of the Crystal Creek Falls Area

The Crystal Creek Falls and Quarry area will be periodically closed

weekdays beginning January 10, 2012 while park staff and contractors

install a new parking area, restroom facility, paved path and picnic area

to make the falls site accessible to individuals with disabilities.  During

this period, workers will also plant vegetation as part of the restoration

of the Crystal Creek Quarry.  The last closure was in 2010.  This closure is necessary to provide for the

safe use of heavy equipment.  The National Park Service anticipates these

weekday closures will last through January 27.  Please contact the Park

Visitor Center at (530) 246-1225 for Crystal Creek Falls trail status.

The origin of the quarry site began with the construction of the Central

Valley Project, which created Whiskeytown Dam and the reservoir behind its

earthen mass.  The water of Whiskeytown Lake comes from seven year-round

streams that flow into the lake, and a diversion of water from the Trinity

River.  Blasted and dug from solid rock, the tunnel extends 10.8-miles from

Lewiston reservoir to Judge Francis Carr Powerhouse, where the water

reaches and sustains Whiskeytown Lake.  The Crystal Creek Rock Quarry is

comprised of the accumulated tailings, estimated at 250,000 cubic yards,

removed from the mountains as the eastern side of the Clear Creek Tunnel

was built in the late 1950’s.

For more information on Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, please call

or stop by the park’s visitor center daily between 10:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m.

You can also visit the park website at www.nps.gov/whis