Redding CA Entrepreneurs Start Online Legal Forms Business

A new business venture ~ how crazy does that sound in these tough economic times?  It really does make more sense than it sounds though.
Another internet start-up ~ how crazy does that sound with millions of other legal document preparation sites out there just waiting for their next “hit”.  But that is just what some local Redding Entrepreneurs Wendy Rehberg and her associates are doing.  “Our ideas really do make sense to us and here is why”.Owner Wendy Rehberg of Action Legal Docs explained.

“My associates and I have known each other for over 20 years in the business of legal document preparation and living trust preparation.  We share a passion for wanting to educate people on the importance of securing your assets and having the proper powers of attorneys ready when you need them most, usually when you’re least expecting it.”

“We have seen nearly every desperate situation you can imagine from severely injured individuals to the elderly who no longer comprehend the need for a certain legal document.  We have been in many hospital rooms with family members who are unable to do anything to help their incapacitated loved one because they didn’t have a Durable Power of Attorney for Finance or Healthcare to act on their behalf.  It’s a situation that happens all too often and it really doesn’t have to.  Educating people on the need for such documents BEFORE they are needed is the key.”

“We think A Living Trust should be an all-in-one package.  That is our great idea!  We thought, everyone is using the internet now to educate themselves, find the best deal and be able to do that when and where they want to.  So why not offer a website where someone can securely and leisurely create their own Living Trust?  Low cost, easy, convenient…it just makes sense!”

So,  what is a Living Trust?  A living trust has several purposes and functions.  It’s the tool needed to avoid costly, time-consuming court proceedings known as Probate.  The court filing fee for probate is nearly the same amount as our living trusts cost!  And that is just the beginning of the expenses in probate if you don’t have a living trust to prevent it!  A living trust transfers your assets directly to the people you have listed as Beneficiaries of your estate at the death of the settlers (creators) of the trust without the court having to get involved.  Included are Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Finance that grants powers to someone to act on your behalf if you’re unable to.

What makes Action Legal Docs different?   “Efficiency, Convenience & Value.  Compare us to other websites with online legal forms but pay attention to the cost details.  Many important documents needed in trusts are an “extra charge” so what starts out as being a small investment, (compared to hiring an attorney to prepare your trust which can cost thousands of dollars), turns into a costly and confusing experience.  Check it out!  Really!  I have myself and if you are ahead of the game enough to know exactly which documents you should have in a living trust you will see that it adds up very fast.”  Rehberg remarked.

Anything else about the business Wendy?  “We are excited to provide a service that is simple, secure and affordable.  The truth is that everyone should have a trust and those who don’t have one think they can’t afford it.  We want to make it affordable for everyone because at the end of the day it really is much more costly to not have a living trust.”

Good luck on your new business!  Check out their directory listing on for more information.