Cheescakes Unlimited in Redding Surprised with Christmas Tree

In 2006 Cheesecakes Unlimited Downtown owned by Nicholas Parker hired  Kathleen “Kat” Leydon years ago to take xmas-tree.jpgcare of their fresh flower displays in their Redding Restaurant.  At the time Kathryn was working towards a Floral Design Certification. It was Christmas time and Kathryn decided to included a small table top size live Christmas tree along with the other decorations. It was a big hit and received alot of compliments.

Fast Forward to 2011.  Kathleen who is now with SFI Insurance was again asked to help decorate the Cheesecakes Unlimited in the Enterprise area in east Redding.  Lo and behold, Kathleen surprised the owners with the little tree that is now over five years old.  It sits out front with red bows and is still just  as beautiful only now much taller.


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