Skateboarder from Red Bluff has a Bright Future

From the age of 5 Logan Marshall of Red Bluff has been skateboarding all over the north state and doing well. He has the passion to do well and has proven to have what it takes to be on top. Only nine years old, Logan already has logan-2.jpgsponsors,  His sponsors consist of a shop sponsor from Oroville called FKO “For Kids Only” they have supported him for 2 years with product to skate. They are a very proactive company for all ages in all extreme sports.  Other logan.jpgsponsors include Monster Energy along with IKON Skateboards and VOX Shoes.

Sponsorship is Partnership and Logan is a positive role model for other youths in the community to have FUN.

To meet Logan you see a normal shy young boy with unruly long hair. To see Logan Skate he will amaze most everyone who has a dream to be the best.  Check out this video of Logan skating.