Eliminate raingutter downspout noise with Rainquiet a local product

RainQuiet LLC a local company based in Redding , has developed a new product call the RainQuiet Downspout insert to eliminate annoying rain gutter downspout noise, you know the noise, the tink, tink tink sound you here at night when your trying to go to sleep. Here’s how it works once the RainQuietTM insert is installed into the downspout, it prevents the raindrops from hitting the bottom of downspout, breaking up the raindrops as they hit the insert. The unique design of the surface material and the fluted base virtually eliminates the noise, and the water flows out quietly and freely. So that you can get a good nights sleep.

Features of the RainQuiet downspout insert are it  Installs In Seconds , is 100% Water Proof Material ,Fits in Most Residential Downspouts ,is 2 5/8″ wide by 6″ long and best of all is Made in the USA!   (Each package contains 2 inserts & 2 clips.)
To see how the RainQuiet downspout insert works, go to www.rainquiet.com to watch the demonstration video, you can also purchase the RainQuiet downspout insert on the website. This product will also be available at local Ace & True Value hardware. If you have any questions please contact us at www.rainquiet.com , you can also follow us on You tube and become a fan on Face book.

Now available at Ace Hardware, True Value Stores and Orchard Hardware and Supply in Redding on December 1.