Shasta Wheelman’s October Ride Schedule

Tuesday / Thursday
Show & Go’s
Tuesday, Thursday Show and go’s
start at 8:00 AM, at Coffee Creek Deli,
2380 Athens Ave. Route determined
by majority rule. Miles only count on
agreed upon route.
Saturday October 2nd
Leader: Russ Azevedo (241-4288)
Start time: 9:00 Am
Start location: Palo Cedro Park & Ride
The ride: To Oak Run and return
Rating: B+
Sunday October 3rd. The Platina
Leader: Leaderless
Start time: 8:00 Am
Start location: Holiday Market Buena
Ventura and Placer
The ride: Out and back to Plaitina for
80 miles, or go to Ono for 36 miles, or
as far as Igo for 27 miles
Rating: A, B-, C+
Monday October 4th Monthly
Club Meeting
Ring Leader: El Presidente
Start time: 7:00 Pm
Start location: Upper Crust Pizza
The ride: Discuss club business, and
have a little fun at the same time.
Rating: F for FUN!
Saturday October 9
Leader: Jack Yerkes (226-0587)
Start time: 9:00 Am
Start location: Holiday Market Hartnell
The ride: Do 40 miles on the east side
Palo Cedro to Milville and back to start
Rating: C
Sunday October 10th. Breakfast
Leader: Jenny Herman (378-2638)
Start time: 8:00 Am
Start location: Starbucks Anderson
The ride: Ride to the Cottonwood
Lions club for a $5 breakfast. Route
choices 10, 18, 28 miles
Rating: C
Sunday October 10th (Out of
town ride)
Leader: Charlie Fournier (227-7352)
Start time: 7:00 – 9:00 Am
Start location: Silver Dollar Fair
Grounds Chico
The ride: Fall Flower Century 30-100
Saturday October 16
Leader: Steve Osborn
Start time: 8:30 Am
Start location: South end Sun Dial
The ride: Shasta Dam loop with a twist
Rating: B
Saturday October 16th &
Sunday the 17th Ride to Chico
Leader: Earl Talken (241-4011)
Start time 8:30 AM
Start location Factory Outlet Anderson
The ride: Do 59 miles to Chico on
Saturday and 59 or 67 miles back to
Rating C+
Sunday October 17th Bike the
Best ride #16
Leader: Leaderless
Start time: 8:00 Am
Start location: Palo Cedro Park and
The ride: 27 miles, take Deschutes to
Swede Creek, Old 44 to Brookdale Rd.
Whitmore Rd., Milville Plans Rd.,
Dersch Rd and Deschutes back.
Rating: C
Saturday October 23
Leader: John Crowe (275-3930)
Start time: 8:30 AM
Start Location: Starbucks Lake Blvd.
The ride: 40 mile ride to the Pumpkin
Patch and back.
Rating: C
Sunday October 24th. World’s
First 50 mile Double Century
Leader: Leaderless
Start time: 8:00 Am
Start Location: Redding City Hall
The Ride: 50 mile route. Hartnell Ave
out to Old 44, Milville Plains Rd.
Parkville Rd. Balls Ferry Rd. Gas Point
Rd. Happy Valley Rd Canyon Rd.
Eastside Rd.
Rating: C
Saturday October 30
Leader: Bob Wagner (247-1090)
Start time 9:00 AM
Start location: Westwood shopping
The ride: 18+ miles on the past
President’s slow ride.
Rating: C
Sunday October 31st Ron’s
Marvelous Jones Valley and
Silverthorn Tour
Leader: Leaderless
Start time: 8:00 Am
Start location: Palo Cedro Park and
The ride: A 32 or 41 mile route.
Deschutes Rd. Dry Creek Rd. Silver -
thorn Rd. Bear Mountain Rd. Old
Oregon Trail, Boyle Rd and back to
Park and Ride.
Rating: B
Ride Rating
A: steep - lots of climbing for strong
B: steep / moderate - lots of climbing
with some relief.
C: moderate / hilly - challenging for
average rider
D: moderate / easy - may be
challenging for beginners
Ride leaders send miles to
Or call Doug at 246-7429
Visit our web site
E-mail to
Helmets required
on all rides!!