Whiskeytown Announces Temporary Closure of Crystal Creek Falls Area

July 13, 2010
For Immediate Release
Sean Denniston (530) 242-3445



The Crystal Creek Falls area will be closed for restoration starting Monday

July 19, 2010.  The area will remain closed through September, tentatively

reopening October 1, 2010.  Restoration of the area will include site

grading and revegetation of the large rock quarry at the beginning of the

short road leading to Crystal Creek Falls.  The goal of the restoration

project is to provide for public safety, erosion control, and to return the

area to a more natural state.  This project was funded through the American

Reinvestment and Recovery Act.  "This is a win-win situation for all

involved.  This project puts hard working Americans back to work to provide

for their families," stated Superintendent Jim Milestone.  In addition, the

project will return this rocky, barren and unstable section of the Crystal

Creek canyon to a more natural state where the creek runs clear and clean,

and native plants and wildlife of the restored landscape bloom and sing,"

furthered Milestone.

The origin of the quarry site was the construction of the Central Valley

Project, which created Whiskeytown Dam and the reservoir behind its earthen

mass.  The water of Whiskeytown Lake comes from seven year-round streams

that flow into the lake, and a diversion of water from the Trinity River.

Up to fifty percent of the Trinity River flows eastward through the

mountains via the Clear Creek Tunnel.  Blasted and dug from solid rock, the

tunnel extends 10.8-miles from Lewiston reservoir to Judge Francis Carr

Powerhouse, where the water reaches and sustains Whiskeytown Lake.  The

Crystal Creek rock quarry is comprised of the accumulated tailings,

estimated at 250,000 cubic yards, removed from the mountains as the eastern

side of the Clear Creek Tunnel was built in the late 1950's.

The tailings from the tunnel were graded and compacted to create the

largely barren and rocky site that park visitor's currently experience.

The revegetation efforts of the restoration project will be completed over

the next two years, enhancing the aesthetics of the site, and will serve to

stabilize the slopes, prevent erosion, and improve visitor safety.

"Visiting Whiskeytown is a premier park experience, and this project will

further enhance the wild and scenic beauty that our visitors come to

enjoy," concluded Milestone.

For more information on the Crystal Creek Quarry Restoration Project,

please contact Sean Denniston at (530) 242-3445.  For more information on

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, please stop by the park's Visitor

Center from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., or call (530) 246-1225.  You can also

visit the park website at www.nps.gov/whis