Guest Artists to Visit Whiskeytown for the “Superintendent’s Landscape Invitational Residency”

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area will host two artists this summer as they participate in the 2010 Superintendent’s Landscape Invitational Residency.  Artist Patricia Cummins will visit from Miami, Florida, and Jacqueline Moses from Skokie, Illinois.

Patricia Cummins has been an art educator for over 30 years.  Her works of art are inspired by the landscapes she visits.  She prefers to paint in plein air (on location), and has painted during her many travels in China, Europe, and Central America.  She has participated in a number of national parks’ artist residencies including Mesa Verde, Hot Springs, and Petrified Forest, as well as Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.  “I paint the landscapes, the feelings and the experiences that they create for me; the perceptions and sensations that collect as a result of a day at the shore, or under the shade of a live oak, or during weeks spent semesa-verde-patricia-cummins-2.jpgrving a residency at a national park,” stated Cummins.  Pat, as her friends call her, will visit Whiskeytown from July 19 through August 6.

Jacqueline Moses has also participated in multiple national parks’ artist residencies including Acadia National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Jacqueline’s large landscapes often border on the surreal, with the juxtaposition of objects incorporated into the scenes. untitled-jacqueline-moses.jpg This unique technique adds an additional layer of meaning for the viewer.  “Art is my mode of expression, the way I communicate my ideas and feelings to others,” stated Moses.  On the heels of a recent exhibition at the Illinois State Museum, Moses will visit Whiskeytown September 10 through September 24.