Last day for the Clues

Today’s clues

Loot: Under a Christmas tree a present for you, the cash is yours park for the clue.

The Lone Stranger and Sidekick : The city will manage in the morning new . . . a curt answer will not do . . . claw answers from the paper, that’s your clue.

To guess the identities or to return the loot call 223-1188.


Thursday’s clue

Lone Stranger and Sidekick: The Strangers will be caught with a sigh of relief. These robbing cats are starstruck, and give us great grief.

The loot:  A star-crossed song, sung with a grin. . . . Welcome to the Hotel California. . . . But you can’t check in.


Wednesday’s clues

Lone Stranger and Sidekick: It happens anew, the Lone Strangers have struck. A city in fear, just the cowboys’ luck. But fear no more of the lost loot. . . The cat-quick cowboys are in hot pursuit!!!!

Loot: Don’t worry, your time to recover the loot will not expire. . . . It’s not hid in a tree or in a church spire.

Today, the reward is $400 for identifying the bandits and $400 for finding the loot.


Tuesday’s clues

 The loot: The City never sleeps when the loot is near – center your directions, often the noise is clear.

The Bandits: The Strangers escaped with a bag of dough . . . Paul Revere, fish and chips and away we go. Be in charge, stay the course . . . Manage your time, you don’t need a horse.

Call 223-1188 to name the bandits . To return the loot, call 224-1117.