The Lone Stranger and Accomplice have robbed the bank again!

This morning at approximately 9am shots were heard on Hilltop Dr as the Dastardly Duo struck again, robbing the Tri-Counties Bank.  Sadly the Lone Stranger and his accomplice were able to slip away with the loot from right under our beloved Asphalt Cowboys.  There are clues out there for everyone to help name the bandits and find the loot.  Today, the reward is $500 for identifying the bandits and $500 for finding the loot.  Here are the clues:

 The loot: The City never sleeps when the loot is near – center your directions, often the noise is clear.

The Bandits: The Strangers escaped with a bag of dough . . . Paul Revere, fish and chips and away we go. Be in charge, stay the course . . . Manage your time, you don’t need a horse.

Call 223-1188 to name the bandits . To return the loot, call 224-1117.