I am Happy Project seeks to bring Happiness to the World

The idea for the I Am Happy Project began early 2009. Edwin Edebiri, troubled by all the ongoing news reports on recession and human suffering, wanted a way to encourage people to focus on “the things that really matter, such as faith,
family and friends”.

Like many adherents of belief systems such as the Law of Attraction, popularized by such books as The Secret, Edebiri believes that whatever we focus on grows, and felt that shifting people’s focus to thoughts of happiness would in turn foster
more positive feelings and optimism in individuals and their communities. The mission of the I Am Happy Project is “to spread happiness globally one person at a time.” Happiness is defined as: “a state of mind or feeling characterized by
contentment, satisfaction, pleasure or joy. Happiness comes from deep within, and not from people, situations or circumstances.”

The idea quickly caught on. Local group meetings started December 10, 2009. In less than a month, 4000 happy people in 50 cities and 16 countries had joined the movement. Membership in the I Am Happy Project, which is free, informal and spread by means such as word of mouth, Facebook and Meetup.com only requires a commitment to happiness. Most local chapters have monthly meetings to bring like-minded happy people together. The group also sponsors “Happiness parties” where members visit venues such as hospitals, nursing homes to spread happiness where it is most sorely needed.

To find out more about the I AM Happy Project or to find a meetup near you visit
http://iamhappyproject.org  The “I AM Happy Project” is a non-profit organization founded by Edwin Edebiri, designed to raise the level of Happiness worldwide.

Edwin Edebiri – Founder edwin@iamhappyproject.org – (415) 377-6590