Kool April Nites Cruise

The annual Kool April Nites is revving up for next week April 12-17. The actual Cruise will be on Friday April 16 along the usual route of Hilltop to Dana, to Churn Creek, to East Cypress. The cruise begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8:00pm. As a reminder to all Hilltop area residents and businesses: all incoming and outgoing traffic will be stopped from 6:00pm until the end of the event at 8:00pm by barricades that will be in place and enforced by the Redding Police Department. Approximately 10,000 spectators and participants are anticipated to be within the area of the event during this time. Businesses in the area are reminded that the cruise route is for participants only and no one else will be allowed to enter or leave until the event is over. The Redding Fire Department also requires that drive ways in the area need to be left open for emergency access.

For more information contact Howard Stubblefield, Cruise Coordinator at 530-223-4200 or visit www.koolaprilnites.com