Bring Google Fiber to Redding

By now the Redding community is becoming aware Google’s offer to bring incredibly fast internet service to a select  community or communities in America.  To get Google’s attention we have built a Facebook page called Bring Google Fiber to Redding..  The goal is to get as many fans from the community to show support.  Click here to join.    We also have setup a blog on for the community to discuss the possibilities and the benefits of having this level of bandwidth.  You can also let Google know you want Redding to be one of the selected communities.  Visit them at Thanks to everyone in the community for getting involved.

A video to promote Google highspeed fiber optic internet service is now on You Tube, click here to see it.  The video, filmed and produced by Sabrina Morgan of Morgan Telecom, Inc. was shot at Need2Speed.  The Redding Police Department generously provided an officer to act in the video.  Mary Machado of Shasta Voices and Jim Zauher from Jim Zauher Consulting are heading up the overall project to develop community awareness.  The film will be used along with the City of Redding’s proposal to Google to bring super highspeed fiber internet to the Redding area.  To support this project, join the Bring Google Fiber to Redding, Facebook page.  Become a fan now