Thrift Store Offers a Wide Variety of Bargains

Junk-N-Treasures located on Hwy 273 & Hill St. in Anderson. 1 mile north of the fairgrounds.  The store has something for everyone. 5000 sq ft. of anything you can think of. records, cassette tapes, tools, furniture, kitchen items lamps. couches, toys, tools, building materials, desk, lamps, clothes, plus size women and men, vintage clothes, scrubs, coats, blankets, books, bed frames and much more…  New pics of stuff in the store daily. But sometimes the stuff sells too fast to get pics. Visit Craigslist to find more.

Also visit to see pictures of many of the items. Junk-N-Treasures is a great community supporter they have donated coats to the Good New Rescue Mission every year and have donated to the Women’s Refuge,

Call 365-9020 for more information.