upgrades Email Services have upgraded the email services they offer to all customers.  The new services include the latest spam and virus protection filters and have increased available mailbox sizes by 4 times.  Customers who are having problems with email are asked to visit our technical support page for instructions on the proper settings of their email programs.  There is also a new webmail interface that includes features such as Calendars and the ability to store files online.

Powerful Email
Use your existing software
Such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Mac Mail, etc.
Webmail -Great functionality including right-click and drag ‘n drop technology.
Minimize spam and viruses -Over 95% success rate.
Mobile Email -Use your smartphone or PDA to get your email.
Desktop Notification Client -Software that will notify you whenever you receive a new e-mail.
Large Attachments -50MB for incoming and outgoing emails.
Receive your existing email -Consolidate any other email account you might have into FuseMail, so you only have to use FuseMail to view all of your email.