Independent Business Forms Inc.

ibfformslogo.jpgI had the distinct pleasure of talking with Dave Sandrock of Independent Business Forms Inc., and learning about all the fantastic array of products and services that Independent Business Forms can offer to their customers.

Independent Business Systems has been locally owned and operated in Northern California for the past 32 years. Dave has worked with the company for the past 26 years, and a year and a half ago he and his wife bought the company. Although the majority of our customers are in Northern California, we currently do business in 7 Western states “We are very excited about our new e-marketing website and the upgrades we are making,” said Dave.”Our customers can place orders from anywhere, and we make it cost efficient for them to do so”, said Dave.” He continued, “For example if your company has multiple locations, and you need to change banks in a hurry, we can get out laser checks to 20 different sites within a week, and ChecksNow orders can ship in 24 hours.”

“Imagine a business with payroll on Friday’s and they have run out of checks, employees need to be paid, what does the company do? If they called us we can program Laser checks for any software program THAT DAY! The employees are paid and the employer is saved.” This service is called Checks Now!

“We can do most anything imaginable involving imaging; computer forms and checks, complete commercial printing, carbon and carbonless multi-part forms, tax forms, high speed pressure seal mailer equipment, custom and standard forms, envelopes, color coded filling systems, labels from plastic to holographic, business cards - a four color, two sided for less than $50 delivered in 72 hours,” stated Dave.

Independent Business Forms is currently upgrading their website to further meet customers’ needs. For example, at our new website companies will be able to order supplies in a very 21st century way. Imagine having a small wireless barcode scanner about the size of a cell phone that enables you to scan the items you need to order, plug into your computer via a USB cable and automatically empties into your basket with Independent Business Forms. You then have access to edit and manage the order before it is placed. This system could save purchasing agent hours of time.

To enhance and streamline the purchasing function a company can issue these scanners to multiple employees with different levels of access. Imagine that you run out of business cards. Instead of filling out a purchasing requisition and submitting for purchasing to do the work, you can pull out your mini scanner, scan the box and the order is submitted. This saves significant time and minimizes errors. A catalog of regularly purchased items is automatically built on line for the customer to reference.

What I was most impressed with is Dave’s commitment to customer service. Throughout our conversation Dave kept referring to the “appreciation for the customer.” When I asked what that meant to him, he was quick to point out how integral customer service is to the process at Independent Business Forms. “In most business transactions today customer service has become a lost art.” Said Dave “Although our customers will be able to use technology to place orders, check status, track shipping, even make copy changes to items online ,they will always be able to pick up the phone, talk to a live person immediately, and do the same thing.”
While Independent Business Systems specializes in the medical field, they welcome any customer request from small to big business, they can help. And I promise a pleasant conversation when you get Dave on the phone; he knows his stuff and is happy to share his knowledge and expertise.